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Reserve A Short Term Suite In Seattle WA

Transportation Options In Seattle, WA

Ways to move around the Seattle area.

Sound Transit - Schedules, fares, guide, trip planner and maps. Offers safe and reliable regional train and bus service.

Sound Transit -- Link Light Rail Stations: - SeaTac Airport, Tukwila, Othello,Columbia City, Mt. Baker, Beacon Hill, SODO, Stadium, International, Pioneer Square, University Street and Westlake Center.

Sound Transit -- Express Buses - Offers 24 very quick routes between major cities and job centers.

Sound Transit -- Everett Train - Runs north from Seattle to Everett and back.

ORCA Card -- One Regional Card for All - A computer chip e-purse card allows you to move all around without bringing cash.

Bus -- Downtown Airporter - Take the bus from SeaTac to 8 Downtown hotels (operated by Shuttle Express).

Bus -- Greyhound System - For longer distance travel, Greyhound offers redesigned buses with Wi-Fi, outlets, more legroom plus greater safety.

Bus -- Shuttle Bus Services - Affordable, reliable shuttle buses to major hotels and other area destinations.

Bus -- DART Buses (Dial-a-Ride Transit) - Vans that service neighborhoods, for short and flexible hops.

Bus -- Microsoft Connector Shuttle - Several pickup stops, to the Redmond Campus.

Bus -- Rapid Ride - Very fast, very often, for the commuter.

Monorail - Departs every 10 minutes from Seattle Center and Westlake Station Downtown.

Monorail -- Map - Fun, quick and convenient from Downtown Westlake Station to Seattle Center.

Streetcars -- South Lake Union and First Hill - You'll enjoy the ride on these bright shiny trolley cars of purple, red, orange and lime green.

Amtrak Cascades Train - A beautiful ride from Vancouver BC to Eugene with multiple stops along the way.

Ferries -- Route Map - Drive the car on, ride your bicycle on, or just walk on.

Ferries - All about the ferry system which make you almost feel like you're on a cruise.

Ferries -- Water Taxi - Ride the foot ferry from Downtown to West Seattle.

Uber -- Upscale Taxi Alternative - Your on-demand private driver.

Yellow Taxi - Take a taxi anywhere in the Seattle area.

Limousines - Luxury town cars and stretch limos for weddings, business or other special events.

Car Sharing -- ZipCar - Wheels when you want them, slightly different than car renting.

Car Sharing -- Car2Go - Spontaneity on wheels, rent by the minute, or the hour, or the day

Ride Sharing - Carpooling is another way to get around.

Parking Permits - Special street parking privileges in residential neighborhoods.

Park & Ride Lots - One more option, just park the car and ride the bus.

Parking Near SeaTac Airport - Secure, web reservations, free shuttle service, valet, self service.

Google Trip Planner - User-friendly destination directions for driving, public transportation, biking and walking.

WalkScore - Walk for exercise rather than spending your time on a treadmill in the gym.

Burke Gilman Trail - For walkers, runners, cyclists, skaters, commuters

Bicycling - Maps, trail routes, racks, etiquette, street markings.

Bike Sharing - Rent in-city bikes and helmets for short distances from numerous pick-up points.

Bike Rentals - Rent quality bikes for extended periods of time.

Bicycle Rentals - Rent quality bikes for short periods.



Transportation options for moving about Seattle and the surrounding area.